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Food Handler & Food Managers Courses


Coconino County Environmental Health Department now offers online courses to fill your needs for Backcountry Food Handler's and Backcountry Food Manager's courses:


Backcountry Environmental Health Online Course can also be accessed here:  Coconino County Food Handlers' Online Course (nau.edu). (Note: this is for a food handler's cert with backcountry emphasis. If you are required to have your FOOD MANAGER's certification, see below).


Backcountry Food Manager's ONLINE Course - Yes, it's online now, thanks to the good folks at Coconino County Environmental Health. You can register/pay for the Backcountry Food Manager's course here: 

A few things of note: 

  • The link says "Backcountry Food Specialist" training (but that's what the Backcountry Food Manager's class is called, so no worries).
  • It looks like you're signing up for an "event" but County Health just needed a mechanism so that people could pay on the internet.  So what you're really doing is buying a "ticket" which gives you access to the online course which you can take at your leisure.   
  • Don't worry about those dates/times they show on there. They just needed a time frame during which the payment mechanism would be live. They'll renew this payment mechanism each month so it will continue to be available. 
  • They're also working on making the website better but are bogged down with other projects right now, as you can well imagine during a pandemic...