“Georgie’s Rapid” Project

   As many of you are no doubt aware, over a year has gone by since Georgie White Clark “ran her last rapid”, as the late Dock Marston would have said it. Those of us who worked with her are especially feeling the loss.

   Now that one year has passed the U. S. Geological Survey Board on Geographic Names will consider the naming of a geographical place for Georgie. The time has come to put together a request that will convince them that this incredible woman is worthy of this honor.

   The fact that many of her former passengers and crewmen hoped to honor her by having Crystal renamed as “Georgie’s Crystal Rapid”, or just “Georgie’s Rapid”, was presented to GCRG but was turned down. I know it would not be prudent to try to force this on the guides and that is why I am turning to you for ideas.

   Teresa Yates has suggested 24-Mile Rapid which, in low water, can cause a few good hoots and hollers. She also says that there is no particular history associated with that rapid. Therefore that might be acceptable. I would appreciate hearing other suggestions and reasons for same.

   Please realize that rapids below Lava Falls would not be acceptable. We want as many people made aware of Georgie and her remarkable career as possible. I also want to point out that Georgie thought of many rapids other than the big guys like Hance, Sock, Crystal and Lava as just “Miscellaneous”. She lived for the powerful rapids and giving her passengers the biggest thrills she could. The bigger the waves, the bigger her grin when she came through them!

   What about a plaque? Does anyone know how to go about doing that, including possible cost?

   Please drop me a note or a postcard as soon as possible. I realize this is getting to be the busy time of year, but this project needs to get going. You can reach me at the address given below. Thanks a lot for your help. It really is appreciated.

Roz Jirge
1729 Bishop Drive
Concord, CA 94521
(510) 825-9410