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How You Can Help


Whenever an "official comment period" crops up, GCRG always submits comments as an organization, but we also ask our members to get involved and submit their own perspectives on important issues that pertain to the protection of Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. As a grassroots organization, our committed and passionate members have a critical advocacy role to play, so we count on your active involvement when the call to action arises.


GCRG will utilize the Boatman’s Quarterly Review for dissemination of information when we can, but many times, the short time frames require the instantaneous communication that only the internet can provide.  Therefore, if you aren’t already getting periodic emails from GCRG, and want to be included when we send out action alerts, or info on seminars, classes, dam flows, etc.., just contact and ask to be added to our guide, outfitter, or general member email lists.  Get involved and make a difference!