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Grand Canyon River Guides


Grand Canyon River Guides is a passionate association of folks who know and love the Grand Canyon like no other.  Some of us are guides, many are not.


Since 1988, GCRG has been here to watch out for the Canyon and to help the guides who work there, while making the river experience the best it can be, and having a great time along the way.


With over 1,700 members, our non-profit 501(c)(3) educational and environmental organization weighs in on issues ranging from operation of Glen Canyon Dam to uranium mining near the rim, from overflight noise to quiet motors.  We publish a fantastic magazine (the Boatman’s Quarterly Review) full of information, oral histories, art, stories, and more.  We host a rocking training weekend every spring and another each fall.  And we do other great stuff, too.


If you're a guide, you probably know what you're looking for.  Jump on in.


If you're not a guide, feel free to explore.  Wear any shoes that are comfortable, drink plenty of water, and be careful not to get sunburned.


Together we can do great things!