Salt Water Wash - River Mile 12.2

Salt Water Wash before 1996 flood

February 1996 - Before the 1996 Flood flow of 45,000

July 1996 - After the 1996 Flood Flow of 45,000 cfs

September 1999 - Three years after the 1996 Flood Flow. Beach has returned to conditions similar to that before the 1996 Flood Flow.

July 2000 - After the 2000 Spring Spike Flow of 30,000 cfs


August 2000 - After Flash Flooding and Gully Erosion on the Beach

September 2000 - After the 2000 Fall Spike Flow of 30,000 cfs


June 2001 - This photo shows erosion of the beach front since
the fall HMF(high maintenance flow) 2000 deposit. This indicates that
higher flood flows are needed to rebuild beaches and that HMFs only
maintain beach fronts for a short period of time.

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